This Is “This Is Apologetics,” the Podcast

I have been doing Facebook live videos covering various apologetics-related topics for the last six weeks now, but I know not everyone is on Facebook. So for those folks (and everyone else who wants to grow in their confidence when it comes to defending the Christian faith), I've launched "This Is Apologetics" as a podcast,… Continue reading This Is “This Is Apologetics,” the Podcast

Introducing the Think Institute

I (Joel Settecase) started blogging on apologetics in 2012. But that wasn’t my first foray into the sharing (evangelism) and the defense (apologetics) of the faith. Back in high school I would engage my fellow students and wrestling teammates with the Gospel and why I believed the Bible’s message was true. I also sought out… Continue reading Introducing the Think Institute

This Is Apologetics: An Argument from Truth (Part 2)

Much ink has been spilled by apologists over the centuries, demonstrating that the Christian worldview is true. But what if the very concept of truth were impossible without first believing in the Christian worldview, in the truth of Scripture and the God revealed therein? Truth and Language So we saw last time that truth is… Continue reading This Is Apologetics: An Argument from Truth (Part 2)

On Staying Salty

How should Christians answer those who ask us about our beliefs or our lifestyle? There are many ways we could respond. When Paul addressed that question, though, he told the Colossian believers to keep their speech gracious, and to keep it salty. "Salty" in our day means getting upset over something unimportant. But in the… Continue reading On Staying Salty

The Shepherd’s Sheep-finding Mission

Whether we are sharing the Gospel, explaining the biblical worldview or defending the faith, we can be confident in what this verse promises. Those who are Christ's sheep—whom God has chosen beforehand to be saved—will, in God's perfect timing, hear the Gospel and believe it. As limited, very finite human beings, we don't know whom… Continue reading The Shepherd’s Sheep-finding Mission

Ends, Means and Evangelism

My son has been in the hospital for over two weeks now. My wife posts updates on her blog, but I have not written much about him (outside of social media). However, as Lukas has been hospitalized, I have been doing a lot of thinking about God's sovereignty, and I want to share my thoughts.… Continue reading Ends, Means and Evangelism

I’m Leaving Park Community Church and Starting with Cru City

I want to give you an important update on my role at Park Community Church and the Settecase family. What's the update? In Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus commands his followers to make disciples. Aliza and my desire has been to fulfill our piece of the Great Commission and to help others do the… Continue reading I’m Leaving Park Community Church and Starting with Cru City

Overcoming (Muslim) Objections: Christianity’s Best Representatives Are Bad

Christians must address Muslim misunderstandings through conversation based in relationships with Muslim people. I'm reading through a document by Dr. Sabeel Ahmed called "Effective Dawah," written in 2010 to equip Muslims to engage in outreach of non-Muslims to Islam, and the descriptions of Christianity and its various sects is very troubling. In a section on… Continue reading Overcoming (Muslim) Objections: Christianity’s Best Representatives Are Bad

Six Misconceptions About Christianity

The core of Christianity is the Gospel. However, the Gospel has many implications, and these are often misunderstood. Therefore, it can be easy to misunderstand Christianity's core or conflate it with its implications. Christians should be able to articulate the Gospel and recognize when Christianity is being misunderstood or misrepresented.  My preparation for an upcoming… Continue reading Six Misconceptions About Christianity

This Is Apologetics: An Argument from Christian Hypocrisy

The objection that Christians are hypocrites, and therefore Christianity must be false, borrows from the very Christian worldview. By presupposing objective morality, the objection presupposes the very God it aims to disprove. *****  Sometimes skeptics will argue that Christians are hypocrites, and therefore Christianity must be wrong. After all, hypocrisy is wrong, and therefore Christianity… Continue reading This Is Apologetics: An Argument from Christian Hypocrisy