This is Apologetics: An Argument from the Uniqueness of the Christmas Story

I originally wrote this as part of my weekly letter to Park Community Church (Forest Glen). At Christmas, we celebrate God’s ultimate self-revelation: He became a human being. This teaching is known as the Incarnation, and it is what Christmas is all about. There is so much truth about God packed into the Christmas story. God is… Continue reading This is Apologetics: An Argument from the Uniqueness of the Christmas Story

How Elijah Points to Jesus: Further Reflections on 1 Kings 18

Yesterday I had the privilege of preaching at Park Community Church from 1 Kings 18 on the story of an ancient prophet of Yahweh's confrontation with the pagan prophets of a false god. It was the latest installment of our "Great Stories" series. This story, in which the wild man Elijah calls down the fire… Continue reading How Elijah Points to Jesus: Further Reflections on 1 Kings 18

Some Further Reflections on Joseph’s Story (Genesis 37-50)

Over the last several weeks at Park Community Church, we have been hearing the stories from the Hebrew Scriptures (the Old Testament) that point to the greatest story of all--God's plan to redeem His people through Jesus Christ. As the most recent "episode" of the "Great Stories" series at the Forest Glen church, we heard… Continue reading Some Further Reflections on Joseph’s Story (Genesis 37-50)

Why Does God Allow Evil In The World?

This topic has come up a  couple times in recent days, so I wanted to just bang out a few thoughts on it. What follows is not a full, scholarly treatment on Problem of Evil (in any of its various philosophical formulations). However, I hope it might be helpful to you, the next time someone… Continue reading Why Does God Allow Evil In The World?

Dear World

Dear World, What is it about Jesus that makes his followers love Him so much? Followers of Christ today have so much joy and peace, even in the middle of life's most intensely painful moments. Why is that? How is it possible that Christians are able to stand firm, even when the entire climate of… Continue reading Dear World

Hello friends & family!

What’s going on with my family lately: a post from my wife Aliza about our son.


My name is Aliza Settecase and I am a mom to three beautiful children, Jakob (3.5 years old), AnnaSophia (2 years old) & Lukas (10 month old.)  I never saw myself as being a stay at home mom, but I was thrust into the role when I lost my job at 35 weeks pregnant with my second born, AnnaSophia.  At the time I was angry with my company for putting my family in this situation at such an inopportune time, as I was the SOLE bread winner for our family at the time, but God knew better.  I have absolutely LOVED staying at home with our kids and feel blessed by my new role.

That being said the road has not been an easy one for me and my family.  After losing my job, Joel, who was in seminary full time, was able to find a full time position at a…

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