51YYpi2ZygL._AC_US218_Apologetics According to Jonathan Edwards: What “America’s Greatest Mind” Can Teach Us about Defending the Faith (Links to Amazon)

Jonathan Edwards is a fitting subject of study for the modern student of apologetics. What does “America’s greatest mind” have to say about the defense of the truth of the Christian message? Quite a lot, it turns out. Today’s apologetes have plenty to learn from this 18th Century pastor and philosopher. This is one of my two Capstone papers for Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

41WM-WV4eOL._AC_US218_The Doctrine Shapes the Defense: The Importance of the Trinity in John Frame’s Apologetics (Links to Amazon)

John M. Frame, one of the most important theologians of the 20th and 21st Centuries, is well-known for his work in apologetics. In this book, which was originally one of my Capstone papers at TEDS, I examine Frame’s three-fold approach to apologetics and gets to the bottom of what is behind it, namely the Doctrine of the Trinity. Settecase uncovers the importance of the Trinity to Frame’s apologetics and discusses why the Doctrine of the Trinity, although it is often neglected in mainstream apologetics, ought to shape a truly biblical defense of the Christian message.