Resources & Media

Family & Discipleship

New Covenant Catechism for Little Ones
A helpful religious primer to aid parents in teaching their young children the essential and primary doctrines of biblical Christianity.

Catechism Progress Report (Printable)
 A printable sheet to help you track your child(ren)’s progress on the New Covenant Catechism for Little Ones. 

Leading Spiritually at Advent (For Dads)
A presentation that lays out a father’s biblical duty to spiritually lead his children, as well as the biggest challenges to that duty and how to overcome them.

Advent Devos (Updated)
A tool to equip fathers to lead their families well spiritually during the Advent season. 22 quick and meaningful devotionals each featuring Scripture, a catechism question, a short teaching, discussion questions and a prayer prompt. I wrote it with the goal of equipping busy dads, but I pray it will be useful for moms, couples without kids, individual Christians and anyone who wants to dig into Scripture in a meaningful way around Christmas.

Estudio Bíblico Para Familias (Catechism in Spanish)
Catecismo Cristiano: para uso en ministerio de niños y discípulado de niños en el hogar” (New Covenant Catechism for Little Ones en Español – translated by Antonio Salgado).

Church & Ministry

The What How and Why of Christian Care Visits

More than a how-to guide, this simple handout details the goal, standard and motive of doing care visits. Written by a pastor for deacons, I hope this will bless the wider church. 

Evangelism Course
The goal of this course is to equip followers of Jesus to share the Gospel in a biblical, relevant and authentic way. I wrote it for Park Community Church in 2016.

Student Ministry Learning Standards
A set of learning objectives and goals I wrote for local churches to use in their youth ministries. I first put it into practice at Grace Pointe Church.

For the Pastor Who Loses His Job (The Ordinary Pastor Podcast – March 3, 2016)
Cody Almazar and I discussed the subject of losing one’s position at a local church and trusting God through the ministry-search process. This was my first podcast experience, before I joined CFTP. 

Theology & Apologetics

Paper: What Role Should the Doctrine of the Trinity Play in Our Defense of the Christian Faith?
One of my Capstone papers (like a Master’s thesis) for Trinity Evangelical Divinity School addressed the question (and originally titled), “What is the role of the Trinity in John Frame’s Apologetics?” It’s offered here as a resource for thinking about doing apologetics in a fully-biblical way. The role of the truth that God is Triune was not something I had previously given much thought to in doing apologetics, but now I view it as essential.

Paper: What Jonathan Edwards Can Teach Us About Apologetics
My second Capstone paper for TEDS addressed the question, “What does Jonathan Edwards have to offer those of us doing apologetics today?” As it turns out, he offers today’s apologists quite a lot. I examine Edwards’ contributions to apologetics mainly from a presuppositionalist view.