Video from the ARISE Interfaith Panel Discussion

Last night I participated in an panel discussion as part of the ARISE festival in Chicago. ARISE was put on by Northside College Prep H.S. senior Ibraheem Khan as part of the requirements for a scholarship he's receiving. Ibraheem and his partners Jonathan Lee (who attends my church) and Jacob Yosowitz did a fantastic job… Continue reading Video from the ARISE Interfaith Panel Discussion


Overcoming (Muslim) Objections: Christianity’s Best Representatives Are Bad

Christians must address Muslim misunderstandings through conversation based in relationships with Muslim people. I'm reading through a document by Dr. Sabeel Ahmed called "Effective Dawah," written in 2010 to equip Muslims to engage in outreach of non-Muslims to Islam, and the descriptions of Christianity and its various sects is very troubling. In a section on… Continue reading Overcoming (Muslim) Objections: Christianity’s Best Representatives Are Bad

Six Misconceptions About Christianity

The core of Christianity is the Gospel. However, the Gospel has many implications, and these are often misunderstood. Therefore, it can be easy to misunderstand Christianity's core or conflate it with its implications. Christians should be able to articulate the Gospel and recognize when Christianity is being misunderstood or misrepresented.  My preparation for an upcoming… Continue reading Six Misconceptions About Christianity

Overcoming (Muslim) Objections: The Bible Has Been Corrupted

 When spending any amount of time talking with Muslims about faith, the topic always comes up, “But the Bible has been corrupted!” We can use the Qur’an and the Muslim worldview in a way which points to Jesus and the Bible, the true authority! The Qur’an states 348 times to follow the signs. Show them… Continue reading Overcoming (Muslim) Objections: The Bible Has Been Corrupted

What Kind of Church Outreach Works?

Since I started in ministry back in 2011, I have been a student of church outreach methods and practices. What is outreach? Outreach is simply the activity of extending one's attention beyond one's church community in order to bring the Gospel to outsiders, and to bring outsiders to faith in Christ and into the church.… Continue reading What Kind of Church Outreach Works?

What About Those Who Don’t Believe in God?

As I prepare for tomorrow's message on the book of Jonah--the man who was plunged into the abyss, into the belly of a giant fish, and returned after three days--one concept has really shocked me. In this incredible (though not un-credible) story, there are two groups of people who become worshipers of the Lord, namely the… Continue reading What About Those Who Don’t Believe in God?

Spread the News! New Resources Posted!

FYI, I've just posted two new resources that I hope will be useful. The first is for Spanish-speaking parents: a Spanish translation of the New Covenant Catechism for Little Ones (thanks to Antonio Salgado). And the second is for churches to use in equipping their people to share their faith. You can find them both at the top… Continue reading Spread the News! New Resources Posted!

My Recent MeetUp Teaching Plan On The Subject, “Meaning: What Makes Life Worth Living?”

For those who might be interested, here's the teaching plan I wrote up, to facilitate a recent "Ask A Pastor" MeetUp (if you use this or any part of it, please properly attribute it--and let me know!) Ask a Pastor MeetUp #3: Meaning Talk “Absolutely futility. Everything is futile.” –King Solomon “I have come that… Continue reading My Recent MeetUp Teaching Plan On The Subject, “Meaning: What Makes Life Worth Living?”

Overcoming (Ancient) Objections: Christianity Is False, Because It Has No Priestly System

The Egyptians did it. The Jews definitely did it. Babylonians? Yep. They did it too. Same goes for the Greeks and Romans. Even the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans did it. What do all these ancient civilizations have in common? They all had their own religious systems. And those religious systems all involved sacrifices. And those sacrifices were offered by… Continue reading Overcoming (Ancient) Objections: Christianity Is False, Because It Has No Priestly System

Dear World

Dear World, What is it about Jesus that makes his followers love Him so much? Followers of Christ today have so much joy and peace, even in the middle of life's most intensely painful moments. Why is that? How is it possible that Christians are able to stand firm, even when the entire climate of… Continue reading Dear World