Bible Review: The CSB Worldview Study Bible

Holman sent me a copy of their CSB Worldview Study Bible awhile back, after I requested one. This is the second Bible they've sent me, and I sincerely appreciate them for it. I told them I would be happy to write a review, and I did that tonight. First of all, I really love the… Continue reading Bible Review: The CSB Worldview Study Bible

On Staying Salty

How should Christians answer those who ask us about our beliefs or our lifestyle? There are many ways we could respond. When Paul addressed that question, though, he told the Colossian believers to keep their speech gracious, and to keep it salty. "Salty" in our day means getting upset over something unimportant. But in the… Continue reading On Staying Salty

On Bringing Swords to Sword Fights

Over the last several months I've met with dozens Christians and asked, "What are some of the biggest reasons believers find it difficult to share the Gospel?" One of the top responses is that many feel ill-equipped. The study of the Christian faith and how to share and defend it is absolutely necessary. However, what… Continue reading On Bringing Swords to Sword Fights

They Already Know (We All Do)

Does the unbeliever simply need more evidence in order to believe in God? Not really. Now, gaining more bits of evidence from the natural world, or from history, or from personal experience, or seeing how all the pieces fit together, might be part of the means God uses to bring him to repentance and faith… Continue reading They Already Know (We All Do)

Contend for the (Biblical) Faith (All of It)

Doing faithful apologetics means contending "for the faith," or fighting for the body of doctrine that the Bible teaches, that make up orthodox Christianity. On the one hand, we aren't to go beyond what is written, defending weird fairy tales of our own imagination. On the other hand, we aren't to leave out any portions… Continue reading Contend for the (Biblical) Faith (All of It)

My Farewell Letter to My Church (And Some Further Reflections on Judges 17-21)

What follows is my last "Forest Glen Weekly," written to the partners and congregation of Park Community Church (Forest Glen), in which I reminisce about my ministry and time at Park, discuss connections between the book of Judges and our current context, and exhort God's people to study God's word. Dear Forest Glen Family, This… Continue reading My Farewell Letter to My Church (And Some Further Reflections on Judges 17-21)

Some Further Reflections on Samson (Judges 16)

Samson's fall and rise is a strong warning to God's people to take sin seriously or risk the consequences. This post was originally sent out as part of my weekly email to Park Community Church (Forest Glen).  Isn’t Samson fascinating? On the one hand he is an incredibly strong, conquering hero. This is a man… Continue reading Some Further Reflections on Samson (Judges 16)

Of Abimelech and Evil Spirits (Some Further Reflections on Judges 9)

Scripture shows us that God has authority over everything, including evil spirits. He will use the most unexpected of means to accomplish his good purposes, and will not let anything or anyone prevent his plans from working out. God uses unexpected methods to accomplish his purposes, doesn’t he? Now, when the staff meets on Thursday… Continue reading Of Abimelech and Evil Spirits (Some Further Reflections on Judges 9)

The Surprisingly Crafty Way Jonah Told His Story and the Purpose Behind It (Some Further Reflections on Jonah)

In the book of Jonah, the author uses his former self as an object lesson for God's people. Israelites believed themselves to be better than the Ninevites. Yet the Ninevites repented immediately at the word of the Lord. Their quick response and God's gracious forgiveness put the apostate Israelites to shame. If Israel were truly… Continue reading The Surprisingly Crafty Way Jonah Told His Story and the Purpose Behind It (Some Further Reflections on Jonah)

Overcoming (Muslim) Objections: The Bible Has Been Corrupted

 When spending any amount of time talking with Muslims about faith, the topic always comes up, “But the Bible has been corrupted!” We can use the Qur’an and the Muslim worldview in a way which points to Jesus and the Bible, the true authority! The Qur’an states 348 times to follow the signs. Show them… Continue reading Overcoming (Muslim) Objections: The Bible Has Been Corrupted