Apologetics = Scripture + Unbelief

I love this quote from John Frame. There are three major schools of apologetics: (1) Evidentialism, using historical and scientific (and perhaps personal testimony) evidences, (2) Classicalism, using rational and philosophical proofs, and (3) Presuppositionalism, using Scripture. Really, "Presup" uses evidences and proofs as well, but a good Presupper knows that both evidence and proof (both… Continue reading Apologetics = Scripture + Unbelief


Contend for the (Biblical) Faith (All of It)

Doing faithful apologetics means contending "for the faith," or fighting for the body of doctrine that the Bible teaches, that make up orthodox Christianity. On the one hand, we aren't to go beyond what is written, defending weird fairy tales of our own imagination. On the other hand, we aren't to leave out any portions… Continue reading Contend for the (Biblical) Faith (All of It)

This Is Apologetics: An Argument From the Preconditions of Debate

Cornelius Van Til is the father of Presuppositional Apologetics, and this quote is a good summary of what this method is all about. Here's another way of looking at it: Let's say a Christian and a non-Christian decide to debate the existence of God or the truth of the Bible. You and your opponent agree… Continue reading This Is Apologetics: An Argument From the Preconditions of Debate

Beware Bad Ideas Masquerading as Good Ideas

We wouldn't need to be warned, if there weren't real danger of this. The Apostle Paul tells to Colossians to be on guard against plausible sounding arguments that seem pretty-darn-near biblical, but in actuality are nothing more than inventions of man, based on empty, worldly thinking, leading to shackles rather than freedom. Apologetics is the… Continue reading Beware Bad Ideas Masquerading as Good Ideas

What Is Apologetics?

New year, new ministry. We're getting rolling. I've set a goal this year of starting a new website for the Think Institute. However, in the meantime, I'm re-launching the trusty old WordPress blog. Let's kick things off with a post defining apologetics and see how it goes from there. Apologetics is the defense of the… Continue reading What Is Apologetics?

Why Were Freud and Marx Wrong about Christianity?

Freud-Marx complaints do not stand up to rigorous criticism, because they provide no evidence for their claims, which, even if they were true, would not prove what they set out to prove, that is, that Christianity is false. What Were Marx and Freud's Complaints About Religion? Sigmund Freud proposed that religion was merely wish-fulfillment. Wouldn’t… Continue reading Why Were Freud and Marx Wrong about Christianity?

What Is the “Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism?”

This article is going to seem more technical than most of my posts, especially at first. However, if you persevere to the end, I think you'll be rewarded. The gist of the argument I describe here is this: many people who believe in naturalism (a form of atheism in which the natural world is all… Continue reading What Is the “Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism?”

Video from the ARISE Interfaith Panel Discussion

Last night I participated in an panel discussion as part of the ARISE festival in Chicago. ARISE was put on by Northside College Prep H.S. senior Ibraheem Khan as part of the requirements for a scholarship he's receiving. Ibraheem and his partners Jonathan Lee (who attends my church) and Jacob Yosowitz did a fantastic job… Continue reading Video from the ARISE Interfaith Panel Discussion

Overcoming (Muslim) Objections: Christianity’s Best Representatives Are Bad

Christians must address Muslim misunderstandings through conversation based in relationships with Muslim people. I'm reading through a document by Dr. Sabeel Ahmed called "Effective Dawah," written in 2010 to equip Muslims to engage in outreach of non-Muslims to Islam, and the descriptions of Christianity and its various sects is very troubling. In a section on… Continue reading Overcoming (Muslim) Objections: Christianity’s Best Representatives Are Bad

Six Misconceptions About Christianity

The core of Christianity is the Gospel. However, the Gospel has many implications, and these are often misunderstood. Therefore, it can be easy to misunderstand Christianity's core or conflate it with its implications. Christians should be able to articulate the Gospel and recognize when Christianity is being misunderstood or misrepresented.  My preparation for an upcoming… Continue reading Six Misconceptions About Christianity