Video from the ARISE Interfaith Panel Discussion

Last night I participated in an panel discussion as part of the ARISE festival in Chicago. ARISE was put on by Northside College Prep H.S. senior Ibraheem Khan as part of the requirements for a scholarship he’s receiving.

Ibraheem and his partners Jonathan Lee (who attends my church) and Jacob Yosowitz did a fantastic job putting on the event. There were a lot of moving parts, and these three young men really brought it all together for an event that was educational, meaningful and fun.

My discussion partners on the panel were Dr. Michael Simon of Northwestern Hillel and Dr. Sabeel Ahmed of GainPeace. ARISE was put on to combat false negative perceptions of Islam and foster inter-religious discussion.

As the ambassador for Christianity, I did my best to represent the biblical worldview and convey the Gospel in terms that would be most readily understandable given the audience.

I stayed after for about an hour and a half after the event ended, fielding questions and having conversation with students who approached me about everything choosing a college, to whether God would accept a moral atheist, to how to know which religion is true. It was a great time and I really appreciated the opportunity.

Here’s the video (it begins with a vocal performance form a student and then moves on to the panel).


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