Recommendations: Bible Study Tools

On Tuesday, January 2, Dan Osborn and I did a Facebook live video to talk about some of the tools we like for studying the Bible.

Without any further ado, here are some links to get your hands on some of the tools we recommended (with a couple of others thrown in for good measure).

  • Bible Hub – multiple translations, old commentaries, pictures, sermons, Strong’s Concordance, Interlinear, Hebrew and Greek, Lexicons, Bible book summaries, and much more. I highly recommend this website. I almost can’t believe it exists and is free.
  • Logos Bible App – excellent digital library application for research, note-taking, language analysis and multiple tens of thousands of available books for purchase. Dan recommends the newly-updated free app.
  • The Moody Bible Commentary – a one-volume commentary on the whole Bible, including author bios, dates, purposes and themes, as well as structural outlines and commentary based on rigorous scholarship.
  • One-to-One Bible Reading: a simple guide for every Christian (David Helm) – the name says it all. This book will take you an hour to read and provide you with many years of practical advice for leading others in discovering the Bible.
  • Laparola Greek New Testament – get to the original text. It parses the words and includes definitions. Uses various Greek NTs, including the SBL and not including Nestle Aland.
  • Bible Gateway – Great for looking up and reading specific chunks of Scripture, when you want to grab certain verses without reading the whole chapter or just one verse at a time. The good: includes many, many translations in many languages. The bad: contains distracting ads, so not great for devotional reading.
  • YouVersion – The gold standard of Bible apps for personal and devotional reading. Reading plans, many translations, videos, stuff for kids. Get this app!

We live in an incredible time. Never before in history have people who wanted to study the Bible had so many resources so easily available to help them do it. Happy studying!

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