Holocaust Remembrance Event

I am honored to be speaking at the upcoming Holocaust remembrance event at Devar Emet, a local Messianic (read: they believe Jesus is the Messiah) Jewish synagogue in Skokie, Illinois, on April 30, 201.

The featured speaker will be Steven Grund, a survivor of Nazi oppression in Poland.

As for my part, the plan is for a couple of other Christian pastors and myself to each give a short, non-political spiel on why it is important to stand with the Jewish people against antisemitism.

Please feel free to come out if you can.

And if you are a follower of the Messiah yourself, pray that I will speak well, represent the Lord and Park Community Church in a faithful way, and in some small way, even contribute to the efforts toward bridging the gap between Christians and Jewish folks in the North Side and Suburbs.

Holocaust Remembrance Event - 04-30-17


Author: Joel Settecase

Joel Settecase has served in pastoral and teaching roles at Grace Pointe Church in Plainfield, IL, as well as Chicago Hope Academy and Park Community Church in Chicago. He is the author of the New Covenant Catechism for Little Ones and the Settecase Student Ministry Learning Standards, and he has been blogging on ministry and apologetics since 2013. Joel is the proud husband of Aliza and father of three children.

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