From the Cutting Room Floor: God’s Triune Nature Revealed in Creation

This didn’t make it into an article I’m writing for Park’s apologetics resource, but I thought it was was worth not completely throwing away.

By nature, God is a being who communicates.

He reveals Himself in Scripture as Triune. He is three-in-one: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The three Persons of the Trinity have been loving and communicating with one another since forever.

This means God does not need to create before He has someone to communicate with or reveal Himself to. Christianity is unique in this way; no other religion presents its “prime reality” as both plural (God is three) and singular (God is one).

So when this God creates, He endows creation with both plurality (there are many components to creation–planets, galaxies, atoms, persons) and oneness (there are universal laws and categories governing the components). The Bible says God reveals something of His own nature in His creation.


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