The PorchCon Train Has Left the Station

…and it’s coming to a city near you. Provided you live somewhere near Phoenix, AZ. That’s right, “Conversations from the Porch,” (AKA the PorchCast, the podcast I co-host with some good brothers out west (and one in the D. R.)) is hosting a theological conference, centered around New Covenant Theology (NCT). If you don’t know what NCT is, go here, then go here and find out more about the conference.

To be sure, I’m pumped about the three plenary speakers (A. Blake White, David H. J. Gay, and Geoff Volker), but I’m most excited about meeting my fellow PorchCast “divines”–guys whom I consider friends and brothers-in-Christ, but whom I’ve never actually met in person–and recording an episode of the PorchCast in front of a live audience.

If you want to be a part of that audience (and why wouldn’t you?), check out and get your tickets early, while early-bird prices last. It’s a limited-admission event, so once these bad boys are gone, they’re gone.



Author: Joel Settecase

Joel Settecase has served in pastoral and teaching roles at Grace Pointe Church in Plainfield, IL, as well as Chicago Hope Academy and Park Community Church in Chicago. He is the author of the New Covenant Catechism for Little Ones and the Settecase Student Ministry Learning Standards, and he has been blogging on ministry and apologetics since 2013. Joel is the proud husband of Aliza and father of three children.

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