Before you #ShoutYourAbortion, read this.

Back in 2013, before Aliza became pregnant with #LukeyWah, we were most certainly not trying or expecting to have another baby. When she thought she might be pregnant again, we talked about it. We had two babies already, so close together, we didn’t see how we would have the financial resources (or the time, or the sanity) to provide for another one. Not to mention, Aliza had a bad back, and another pregnancy could have potentially been bad for her health.

Having another baby didn’t make sense to us. But both agreed that, if she were actually pregnant, it would be because God just wanted us to have another baby, plain and simple.

Sure enough, Aliza was pregnant. Lukas William was born August 5, 2014.

Lukey’s life has been one filled with drama and hardship. When he was 10 months old, we found out that he has leukemia. It has not been easy having another baby in the family, especially one needing so much special attention.

But we are so, so happy to have him!

First, it was in the course of that pregnancy, through getting a checkup from her midwife, that Aliza discovered she had thyroid cancer. Her general practitioner had missed it!

If it hadn’t been for Lukas, we would never have caught Aliza’s cancer so early. That’s one of the reasons we gave him the middle name William, which means “Defender of Man.”

Further, Lukas’ name means “Light,” and his little smiling and joyous face has been a light to everyone that meets him. Through his sickness, Aliza and I have been able to share the “Light” of Jesus Christ with many people whom we wouldn’t have otherwise met.

Because of Lukas, hundreds–probably thousands–of people are rallying together in prayer for a common cause.

Because of Lukas, our children Jakob and AnnaSophia have a new playmate, best friend, and someone to take care of.

That little unexpected, potentially hazardous pregnancy blossomed into one–no, several–of the greatest blessings our family has experienced. The Bible says, “Yes, sons are a gift from the LORD, the fruit of the womb is a reward (Psalm 127:3). That is absolutely true–even for the unexpected ones, or the ones with special needs, or the ones you just don’t know how to provide for.

No child is an accident, no matter how they got here. Respect life, and celebrate babies. Instead of shouting your abortion, shout THAT.



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