My Encounter with an LGBT Revolutionary

I just had the opportunity to speak with Nick, an advocate for the Homosexual/Bisexual/Transgender movement, right here in downtown Naperville. I heard him approaching other passers-by, asking if they had a minute to discuss “trans rights.”
Nick was recruiting for the Human Rights Campaign–an organization on the forefront of the push to redefine nearly all aspects of human sexuality and identity. You’ve probably seen their logo on the back of the car driving in front of you: a yellow equals sign on a navy blue background. He himself identified as gay, and he really seemed like a genuinely amicable person.
So Nick and I had a short, cordial conversation, and our differences came to the forefront very quickly when I started asking him questions.
I asked him (from genuine curiosity) whether he believed it was acceptable for a person with a male body to self-identify as female (he said yes), and why he believed that. That’s where it got interesting.
Nick didn’t know. He appealed to, “morality,” but then he couldn’t tell me where morality comes from. He believes people have souls, and that sometimes a female soul is matched up wrongly into a male body. He believes in a higher power, but not God–at least, not the God of the Bible (I explained that the foundation for my worldview was on God’s revelation in the Bible–and he laughed and said something like, “You and I totally disagree”).
I told him that, it seemed like his beliefs were based solely on blind faith, and he agreed. I explained that his reasoning was also circular–he felt something was right, because his feelings told him to feel that way. He had no response to that.
At that point he checked his watch, and it was time to go catch the train.
Nick was out on the street recruiting for the HRC and pushing the sexual revolution, because he really believes in their cause. But he literally could not explain why he believes in the cause. He’s pushing a cause without a reason beyond his own feelings that it is right.
My goal in talking with Nick was not to out-argue him or prove him wrong. I actually approached him because I wanted to learn how he could believe that a female soul could get mixed up into a male body. But in the course of our brief discussion I was impressed with a very important truth.
My friends, it is not sane or reasonable to have an incoherent worldview. Our minds were designed by God to search for and find the truth. When we abandon that search for knowledge in favor of our feelings, we lose all ability to think deeply about our beliefs–or even the world around us.
My own personal feelings are not an adequate foundation for a coherent and true worldview. Neither are yours. We need objective truth, and that has to be revealed to us. That is what the Bible is: revealed truth from Someone who knows everything.
Pray for Nick and those who are caught up in the LGBT movement. May God illuminate them with the light that is the life of men–the Lord Jesus Christ.
“For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love, and sound judgment” (2 Timothy 1:7).

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