It’s Getting Real / 4th of July Fun!

My wife’s recent update about our son.


I have some good news to share!  Lukas’ blood report came back from last Mondays draw and there was NO Leukemia cells in his proximal blood!  This doesn’t mean he is in remission, but it does show that the chemo IS working!  Praise God!  I am glad that it is working, because it is not without difficulty.  Lukas’ attitude has changed greatly due to the steroids.  He has a hard time going to sleep and wakes up multiple times during the night screaming!  I know that this is a response to the steroids, but it is so hard to see your baby so upset.  I am praying that he stabilizes with these meds and that his sleep is not sacrificed.

One thing that I have been forcing myself NOT to do is to research Lukas’ cancer.  I am trying to trust in the Lord and in the team that is caring…

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