Gospel vs. Nonsense

1 Timothy 6:20-21 (my translation): “O Timothy, guard the deposit, turning away from the profane nonsense and contradictions of the falsely-called ‘knowledge,’ by which some, in professing it, have deviated concerning the faith. Grace be with you all.”

Paul the Apostle warns his protege, Timothy to “Guard the deposit.” In guarding the deposit, which is “the faith”–that body of biblical truth encapsulated in the Gospel of Jesus Christ–the young paster is admonished to “turn away from… falsely called knowledge.”

There are myriad systems out there in opposition to the Gospel, claiming to be “knowledge.” Paul says about these would-be Gospel competitors, that they are characterized by “profane nonsense” and “contradictions.”

That’s exactly right! In my studies I have encountered many other worldviews than the biblical one, including Mormonism, Buddhism, Atheism, Cultural Christianity, Secular Humanism, Jehovah’s Witness-ism, and Roman Catholicism. Once you get past the flowery language and sophistry,(profane nonsense), each one is absolutely filled with fatal, self-contradicting truth claims (“contradictions”).

I don’t say this to condemn anybody who adheres to any of those above worldviews. Instead, I say this because I love people in those worldviews, and to encourage my fellow believers in Jesus Christ:

There is only one coherent, cogent, cohesive and (most importantly) universally true worldview, and that is the one put forth in the Bible. Deviating from Scripture must necessarily lead a person into systems which are rife with profane nonsense and contradictions. That is no way to live. Your human mind was created to find truth and to sort out contradictions.

I encourage you, Christian, to stand steadfast upon the Bible as the true word of God. And I encourage you, if you are not a believer, to come to the Bible and let it speak on its own terms. To echo the last words of Paul in this book, “Grace be with you all.”


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