Down Into the Sewer With Us

Have you read Genesis 38 lately? There is enough sexual immorality and intrigue in this chapter to fill up at least a month’s worth of “General Hospital” plot lines (see for yourself).

In the conclusion of this brief snapshot from ancient Israel’s family history, the patriarch Judah begets twins by his own daughter-in-law, Tamar. (It’s a pretty raunchy tale–this is not one for the stained glass windows of your local cathedral.) The bastard twins’ names are Perez and Zerah. And the astonishing thing about this whole account is actually something that happened 52 generations later. As it turns out, Perez is one of the direct ancestors of the Messiah Himself!

God the Son preexisted His own Incarnation, so that means that He had full control as to when and where He was going to enter the human story. So why would He choose to come into human flesh through an ancestry riddled through with so much immorality?

It tells us something amazing about the kind of Savior that Jesus is. He is the King, who gets down into the sewer with us. He never sinned, but He can relate to sinful people. Sin is in His family history! And because He is from above, He knows how to take us back up to the light.

Feeling bogged down by your crap today? You’ve spent enough time in the sin sewer. Call on Jesus to rescue you. And see if it’s really true that, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”


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