God’s Gift We Give to Each Other

On a bit of a whim, I went down to the Barnes & Noble in Joliet, in order to pick up a new journal (for the merits of journaling, click here). I got my journal (pictured above), and commenced prepping for a Bible study I would have later in the day.

While I was working, earbuds introvertedly in place, I got a tap on the shoulder. It was a hispanic guy, about my age, who was absolutely certain he had seen me before. As it turns out, Manuel is a pastor at a hispanic church in Joliet, and he recognized me from having seen me at Joliet Cares last year.

How can I be praying for you?

Manuel and I got to talking, and after we both asked the requisite questions to cautiously determine the other person was theologically legit (pastors reading this, you know exactly the questions I mean), we traded prayer requests.

Two strangers, asking one another how we can talk to God on behalf of each other. There is unity in the body of Christ, my friends.

And then, after he left, a woman who had been sitting a table away, well within earshot of our conversation, approached me. She informed me that my conversation with Manual had greatly encouraged her; she had recently been challenged to ask more people how she could be praying for them. So she said she would pray for me, and I asked how I could be praying for her.

Two strangers, asking one another how we can talk to God on behalf of each other. There is unity in the body of Christ, my friends.

“I ought to pray more….”

unnamedIf prayer is something that you wish you did more of, here’s my suggestion. Go ask somebody how you can talk to God on their behalf. Remember that God is actually pleased when we ask Him to help us, and he promises to answer those who seek Him (need proof? click here). Then, download this app to your smartphone. It’s been a huge help for my prayer life (NB: I’ve never been good at praying, but this app has seriously helped me).

When Jesus Christ died on the cross, He cleared the way for us to boldly approach God’s throne. Now the Father has given us the gift of being able to talk to Him on behalf of each other. And He has promised to listen. Prayer is a gift from God, and when believers pray for each other, we give God’s gift to each other.

So, who are you gonna pray for today?


Author: Joel Settecase

Joel Settecase has served in pastoral and teaching roles at Grace Pointe Church in Plainfield, IL, as well as Chicago Hope Academy and Park Community Church in Chicago. He is the author of the New Covenant Catechism for Little Ones and the Settecase Student Ministry Learning Standards, and he has been blogging on ministry and apologetics since 2013. Joel is the proud husband of Aliza and father of three children.

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